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Merchandising your Product Listing Pages
Merchandising your Product Listing Pages

Learn how to merchandise your Category and Collection pages through Depict

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In Depict, merchandising involves leveraging the capabilities of AI algorithms while allowing you to curate selected items. By doing so, you can optimize product displays, ensuring the algorithm works harmoniously with your expert curation, resulting in a powerful user experience that fosters brand loyalty.

When should I merchandise collections and categories in Depict?

Merchandising your collections and categories plays a crucial role in presenting your fashion products in the most appealing way to your target audience. It is especially important during product launches, or when you want to draw attention to or away from specific items.

How to merchandise a category in Depict

You can merchandise your category pages in Depict by pinning and moving around pinned products, and hiding products you do not want to show under the category. To begin merchandising a category, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and sign in using your Depict account.

  2. In the left sidebar, navigate to the "Categories" tab.

  3. Select the category that you want to merchandise.


  1. Pin all the products you want to merchandise by clicking the "pin" symbol on the top left corner of a product card.

  2. After you've pinned all the products you want to merchandise, decide the placement of them by dragging-and-dropping the products to their desired position.

  3. Press save in the top right corner.

💡Your pinned products will stay in your desired spot until you change it. The rest of the products in your category will be automatically sorted by Depict's algorithms. You can always remove a product from a pinned position by re-clicking the pin button.


  1. Hide all the products you don't want to show by clicking the closed eye-button on the respective product cards.

  2. Press save in the top right corner.

💡Your hidden products will stay hidden until you unhide them. Hidden products will not show up in the listing under the category page they are hidden from, but are still findable through Search or any other categories they may appear in. You can always un-hide a product by re-clicking the hide button.

How to merchandise a collection in Depict

  1. Go to and sign in using your Depict account.

  2. In the left sidebar, navigate to the "Collections" tab.

  3. You can visually merchandise the page in three ways:

    1. drag-and-drop a product by clicking-holding-and dragging the product to the desired position,

    2. push a product to the top or bottom or delete it from the collection using the kebab menu on the product cards,

  4. use Depict's visual AI to merchandise products pairwise in a similar or complimentary manner by clicking the "Generate with AI" button.


Q: What is the difference between a "category" and "collection" in Depict?

A: A category is a pre-defined selection of products that Depict pulls directly from your e-commerce platform or PIM. The category will automatically update with new products if new products are added to the category in your e-commerce platform or PIM.

A collection is a selection of products that you make directly in the Depict app (see how to create a collection in Depict). Depict collections will not update automatically, and you have to manually add or remove items you want to include in the collection.

Q: What happens when a pinned product goes out of stock?

A: It will remain in the same place until you unpin it.

Got more questions?

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